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Let's start by showing how they look like!
If you are looking for appetizers easy to prepare, that's what you should go for!!!
Ingredients: a round pizza dough, mozzarella cheese, black olives, tomato sauce, EVO oil, garlic, oregano and salt. What really makes the difference (that's my opinion), is to prepare the sauce a good 15-20 minutes before using it. I put the tomato sauce in a bowl, then added 2 soup spoons of EVO oil, 2 or 3 peeled garlic cloves (that you'll imperatively remove before seasoning the dough), 3 pinches of dried oregano and 1 small pinch of salt. I've mixed the all thing twice while preparing other things.

I cut the mozzarella in small cubes, pit the olives and cut them in pieces. I spread the sauce and added the mozzarella and olives on top. I rolled the pizza dough.
Cut 3 cm large slices...

...and put them in silicon moulds. To do this, I've rotated by 90°C each slice and opened-up the upper part.  20 minutes in the oven (that I've pre-warmed…

Panna cotta dessert (NOT a candle this time!)

That has been my first time preparing a dessert you eat with a spoon (ITA: Dolce al cucchiaio)!
PANNA COTTA (a dessert originally from Piedmont, but now prepared everywhere in the world)

Those are the ingredients I have used:


500 ml liquid cream150 gr of sugar1 soup spoon of vanilla pod powder (to be put in tea filters as shown in the picture, so that you can remove it before pouring); alternatively use a vanilla pod (that you will anyway remove)7 sheets (around 13 gr) of gelatin

Gelatin sheets need to be softened in cold water for 10 minutes. Remove water by  gentle squeezing the gelatin before using it.

I have dissolved the sugar in the liquid cream by stirring for few minutes while warming (not boiling!) the saucepan. I have added the tea filter containing the vanilla pod powder and infused it for 7-8 minutes while stirring. Then I have added the gelatine sheets and stirred until they have been completely melted.  Eventually I removed the saucepan from the stove and let it cool …

Food&Drinks section

This section DOES NOT pretend to be a recipe book or a video cooking class, IT IS rather a collection of things that I have prepared (or at least I attempted to prepare) and that I LIKE to eat!
There will be things I have prepared myself, things prepared by my husband and others which we have prepared together.
It will have a LOT of  ITALIAN words and ingredients for which I might not have the correct translation in English, but probably pictures will help!

There will be things I have never prepared before so READ the COMMENTS section at the end of each post!

Soy wax: to microwave or not to microwave?

First post of the year (I really hope this won't trigger polemics)! Ahahahhaa! Before Xmas holidays I've been spending a lot of time making candles (mainly with soy wax) with the obvious consequence of generating a lot of chaos all around the flat and being obliged to do a lot of post-crafting cleaning. In addition, I have used a lot of current (with an obvious corresponding increase in the electricity bill!). Yes you got it right, current! I always melt my waxes in a double boiler and I have an electric stove! For my husband's sake I have slowed down with candle making but I always fancy to prepare some candles for us or for close friends and I started wondering whether it would have worked using the microwave to melt small amounts of soy wax... I knew it would have been possible to melt soy wax in a microwave, but I honestly never did it before because I don't like to overheat wax (which is never a good thing). Important reminders: - NO tin containers in the microwave. Go…