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Caffeccino candles (new batch!!!)

This is not the first time that I made my Caffeccino candles, but this time I've used products from 4Candles and new glass containers of the famous French brand Duralex.
Products: EcoSoya CB-Xcel Cocoa Brown Dye Flakes Escentscia Coffee Bean fragrance 
and...  real coffee powder + edible golden flakes for the top!

Last two week-ends of work

These are some of the candles (together with the two pillars of the previous post) that I've been asked to prepare. Probably most of them will be offered as Xmas presents so I'll do my best to make as beautiful as I can. They will be all different one from the other and they will likely have small imperfections but that's normal because they are HAND-MADE!

Lavender and cinnamon pillars

New pillar paraffin candles with soy wax chunks!  The first OFFICIAL request from a friend!

Sangria, Hot Chocolate and natural lip balms

A brand new batch!!! Bees wax, shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, and also mica and lip safe fragrances for Sangria and Hot Chocolate lip balms. No preservatives at all!

Reindeer M&P soap

I wasn't really planning to do any M&P soap for Xmas time, but... I received an adorable silicon mould to make reindeer-shaped ice cubes from my friend Nora. In addition, knowing my love for candle making, my husband Massi, suggested me to use the mould to do reindeer-shaped floating candles (that I'll certainly do later on, and NO I won't be using the mould for cooking anymore!).

Few nights ago I couldn't really manage to avoid getting stress by this, I decided to start thinking about something positive and nice, and came up with this idea: Reindeer M&P soap!!!
It's white and red, full of glitters and with a reindeer in the middle of each slice: very Xmast-ish indeed! M&P base is always the same kind as for the other soaps, the soap is delicately amber scented, and each reindeer is coloured with Fairy Red mica, that shouldn't bleed!!!