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Review of the Aroma Zone soap making workshop

I recently went to a soap making workshop organized by the French company Aroma-Zone (AZ) and this blog post is a review of the workshop. 
Here you have the full description (in French) of this 1 hour and a half class:  Cet atelier a pour objectif de vous enseigner la technique de la saponification à froid en réalisant une recette de savon surgras. Vous pourrez ainsi repartir avec votre réalisation et tout le savoir-faire Aroma-Zone !  Vous apprendrez à maîtriser les points importants de la réalisation d'un savon saponifié à froid, les diverses astuces de fabrication, la maîtrise des ingrédients, leur mise en oeuvre, leurs bienfaits sur la peau.BRIEFLY, the class should teach you the basics of cold process soaping (soaping tips, management of the critical steps of soap making, control of ingredients and their features), you should make a soap and bring it home. Everything in 1 hour and a half 😮 !!!
I'll review the workshop by assigning a number between0 and 5, with 5 being fu…
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Handmade 3-in-1 agenda: a notebook, a photo album and a planner

I recently bought the fantastic Lawn FawnPlan-On-It-Calendar stamp set and some Memento Dew Drop ink pads with the intention of making my first scrapbooking agenda/planner ever!
Considering the amount of money I spent to buy these goods, I didn't have the heart to buy also a new planner to decorate....
I therefore decided to create the agenda from scratch with what I had at home!!!

Front cover:  Canson brown 150 g/m² paper + scrapbooking paper.

Back cover: recycled cardboard + brown Kraft paper.
I've recycled the loops of a wire-bound mini notebook

...and used them to bind the planner!
I've decorated the front cover with a water-colored Swiss Pixie Tiny Heart stamp from CC Design Stamps and some die cuts from the Sizzix Scribbles andSplat die set and from the Florilège Design nesting tag die set.

While for the back cover, I've used the die cuts obtained with the Xcut Circle nesting dies, the Sizzix Scribbles andSplat die setand the Kesi'art MétaliKsQuatuor Smile die …

Polka dots surprise soap and TANGER swirl

I've unconventionally used two techniques for the swirl in the inside of the bar: tilted tiger stripeswirl and + hanger swirl or, as I call it, TANGER SWIRL! 

Teardrop rosemary and lavender soap

The teardrop technique allows you to create a sort of multi-stratified drop inside your soap bar.
Like the one below (please be fair folks! That's my first teardrop soap ever)
Chevron swirl on top! 💖

Looks complicated, uhm? At the end of this post I've shared a video from Kapia Mera Soap Company showing how to properly do it.

I initially thought to use the same recipe as for the Fire Vibe Soap (high olive oil content, slow moving trace). I've then considered that this design is even more complicated and that I am not fast and experienced enough to leave things to chance... 
I therefore formulated a recipe with a Saturated:Unsaturated fat ratio of 28:72...this trace is moving soooooo slowly that you have the feeling you can work with it forever 🤣🤣
Recipe (super slow moving trace):
Olive oil (pomace) 39.25% Canola oil 31.25%
Coconut oil 12.50% Palm oil (organic) 17%
Note that the palm oil I buy from The Soap Kitchen carries Organic Certification and comes from Columbia. It is not pro…

How to create card backgrounds with sentiment stamps

This is a post to show you how to use sentiment stamps in a unconventional way.
I am sure you all know what sentiment stamps are, but, just in case, let me remind you that they are that little sentences you can add onto cards to wish HappyBirthday, to congratulate someone, to encourage or simply to say I love you to the card's recipient.
Well, after some months/years of crafting you start accumulating sentiments from different stamp sets and with different fonts and size... a cool way to use several sentiments at the same time is to combine them tocreate a nice background.

I stamped the sentiments using dyeinks, rather than pigments, because they dry very fast.

Wild Rose, Celery Stick, and Doe dye ink cubes are from Lawn Fawn while Lavender Fields is from My Favorite Things .

I picked sentiments and tiny shapes (butterflies, flowers, candies, etc) from different stamp sets and arranged them on the acrylic block (see picture below for an example).

I repeatedlystamped the sentiments…