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Soy wax and cocoa butter candles

After the Choco soap experience, I've decided to try cocoa butter in candles (75% w/w of soy wax and 25% w/w cocoa butter). I thought the color would look amazing and very natural, and the scent of cocoa butter delicate and pleasant.
I have tried, for glass jars of the same size, a cotton wick or a wood wick.
Couple of remarks: 1) the wax/butter mix takes forever to cool down (very low melting point of cocoa butter) 2) Lot of frosting and shrinking (see pics below)

I let the candles set for several days and then proceeded with the burning test. Here you can see pictures taken at 1, 30, 90 minutes after burning.

To be honest, the candles burned very slowly and I couldn't smell the chocolate scent of cocoa butter. The wood wick behaved better than the cotton wick, nevertheless none of the two burned large enough to form a full burning pool after several hours (a lot of tunneling!!!).
Take home message: I don't think it's worth using such an expensive butter for candles you burn …
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Card making magazines (Easter Edition)

It happened again! At the beginning of March, I managed to get two cardmakingmagazines with plenty of gifts!!! Here you can find the blog post on the bumper packs I got just before winter holidays.
But let's go back to the new ones!
Bargain number one is the ‘Make amazing cards’ bumper pack which contains: a project magazine, designer papers, decoupage sheets, 15 clear stamps, 2embossingfolders and more. The stamp set is too cute and came in handy for Easter cards :-)
Bargain number two is the ‘Rose and cute bunnies Make Special Cards’ bumper pack which has a 52-pages magazine, 9cards+envelopes in 3 different shades, 25 clear stamps and patterned papers.
I find the shades of the cards very Easter-ish! I think I'll use some of the flowers in this stamp set for mom's day cards... :-)

Here some cards I made by picking elements from both packs

Choco soap

I haven't been making soap in months!!! I thought I wouldn't remember, but it's like riding a bike: you never forget. 

The initial plan was to test a recipe with 15%cocoabutter, to make an in-the-pot swirl and some piping on the top.

Total oil weight: 800 gr Water as % of oil weight: 28 % Superfat: 7% Water:Lye Ratio 2:1
Fragrance/e.o.: NONE Soaping temperature: Oils @ 62 °C, Lye @ 65 °C Mica: Hot Chocolate (swirl and flowers on the top*)

*the flower plan failed, see below :-/
OIL/FATS Olive Oil (pomace) 25 %
Palm Oil 25 %
Coconut Oil, 76 deg 25 %
Cocoa Butter 15 %
Castor Oil 5 %
Almond Oil, sweet 5 %
Everything went well with the in-the-pot swirl! 
On the other hand, the brown-colored batter I left in the pastry bag has become prettythick and I couldn't pipe the flowers on the top of the soap... when I squeezed the bag the batter clogged the piping tip...
I gave up with the piping and put the soap to rest overnight.
Today, when I took the soap out of the mold, I was very happy because of…

Card making and papercraft magazines

Last month I had the chance to get, for the first time, a couple of Cardmaking & papercraft magazines: Papercraft Inspirations and Make Christmas card magazine.
Papercraft Inspiration December issue had a Christmas window build-a-scene embossingfolder and stamp free gift, as well as free festive papers. Make Christmas cards was offering: 2 embossing folder borders, 13 stylish stamps, 32 Christmas papers, 12 découpagesheets, 117 toppers & motifs and 73 festive greetings.
Here you have some of the cards and tags I've made with the magazines' gifts

All cards have been donated to hospitals 

Festive cards

This is the first batch of festive cards I made! 🎄🎅  With few exceptions, I went for very simple cards. I used unconventionalcolors (blue, pink, brown), minimaldetails (no sentiments, few glitters), and definitely unusualpaperthemes 🤣
For a touch of originality, I thought about cards with trees entirely made of rhinestones 

For the following cards instead, I have mixed and matched the complementary parts of the trees obtained with the Sizzix DECORATIVE TREE thinlits die set

Last but not least, here you have classic festive cards with the reds and greens and some sparkle 😊