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Soy wax and cocoa butter candles

After the Choco soap experience, I've decided to try cocoa butter in candles (75% w/w of soy wax and 25% w/w cocoa butter).
I thought the color would look amazing and very natural, and the scent of cocoa butter delicate and pleasant.

I have tried, for glass jars of the same size, a cotton wick or a wood wick.

Couple of remarks: 1) the wax/butter mix takes forever to cool down (very low melting point of cocoa butter) 2) Lot of frosting and shrinking (see pics below)

I let the candles set for several days and then proceeded with the burning test.
Here you can see pictures taken at 1, 30, 90 minutes after burning.

To be honest, the candles burned very slowly and I couldn't smell the chocolate scent of cocoa butter.
The wood wick behaved better than the cotton wick, nevertheless none of the two burned large enough to form a full burning pool after several hours (a lot of tunneling!!!).

Take home message: I don't think it's worth using such an expensive butter for candles you burn on your table (probably it's worth using it for massage candles, given it's low melting point). 


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Card making and papercraft magazines

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A quick guide to candle making 🕯️

Finally, temperature lowered and I managed to prepare a set of candles for this fall.
Candles are great for any occasion!
Halloween🎃, Xmas🎄, B-days🎂, romantic dinners🥂 or relaxing nights🌃. You can keep 'em for yourself or give them to family and friends as gifts!
If you've never made candles before, but you're eager to try, here you have 10 basic steps to follow.

This is not a comprehensive guide and does not pretend to be a candle-making course.

1) weigh the wax  Do you want to know more about waxes? Follow this LINK
2) Melt it in a double boiler (bain-marie). Stir every now and then...    ⚠ Do not boil the wax ⚠ Neverever place the container with the wax directly on the stove!
3)  At this point, you can add some color HERE, you have a post on candle dyes.

Remember: the final color of your candle depends on the wax too! For example, soy wax iswhite at room temperature and for this reason, it gives back pastel-like colors. A trick to check the final color: drip some melted wax on a…