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Splatter painting and bubble wrap stamping to create card backgrounds

These cards have been created in the same spirit as the last bookmarks series (HERE): creating without spending too much!

Some details on the techniques used to create the background of 'Let's eat cake' and 'Ciao' cards.
'Let's eat cake' card background
Upper part: made with the bubble wrap stamping technique. Materials: bubble wrap, white ink and white embossing powder for the bubbles and beige ink for the non-embossed surface.
I really like to use this technique, as you can also see from this Xmas project with candles(HERE). 
Here you have a couple of nice videos from Dawn's Stamping Thoughts and from Jan Brown explaining how to bubble wrap stamp
Bottom part: is made with a technique I wrote about just few days ago (HERE): marbling with watercolours and saran wrap.
'Ciao' card background
It's simply created with watercolors.  To splatter-paint the paper either scatter the color by flickering the brush's tip with another brush or shake the co…

A challenge to myself...

During the last two months I challenged myself to create cards and bookmarks withoutbuying too many crafty tools!
It's easy to make nice cards when we buy fancy die cuts, colorful scrap paper, flowers and enamel dots, expensive markers or lovely stamps... 
For this project I wanted to rely on my creative side only and realize new pieces mostly with things I already had at home (especially in the kitchen 🤣).
I made a minimal investment of less than 30 Euros and bought a box of 24 Stabilo Swano markers, 1 Xcut alphabet die and a Ranger Glossy accents bottle (small size).
Let's start with the bookmarks!

I'd like to spend few words on the first and third bookmark from the left. For the marble background I've used watercolours and a funny technique which relies on the use of saran wrap...

For this and other funny watercolour techniques please refer to this interesting VIDEO
Cards will follow in the next blog post 😚


...well, it has been too difficult to select 9 only 😜! For more pictures please come and visit my FB page