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Bubbles and champagne shaker card

One more shaker card! 
A big window filled with champagne-themed confetti !!!

Behind the transparent window (in the inside of the card) there's a perfect square of Oxygen Marble Prune paper (also used for another card see here) on mounting tape.
The cream cardboard in the inside is to write birthday wishes and it has been partially embossed withSizzix embossing folder rick-rack (even if it's not clear from the picture).

Fruity B-day shaker card

Not much to be said about this card with exception of the material I've used for the 'transparent window'... I couldn't find acetate sheets and I therefore used that kind of clear plastic material used to make protective covers for books. It may not be as transparent as acetate sheets but it turned out to be a valuable substitute!  Below you have the card (which is, by the way, a summer-ish B-day card)
The windows in the front of the card and the coloured frames have been created by using the Sizzix Squares Framelits Die Set. To seal the plastic bags I've initially tried with the glue gun but it was a mess, so I eventually opted for double sided scotch which perfectly worked. 
I've filled the plastic windows with Martha Stewart Red micro beads, fruit nail decorations and music note confetti (most of these tiny decoration were in the package gift I got from
Detail #1 Detail #2

 Inside of the card

A new challenge: explosion box! Not too bad to be my first one ever!

I recently joined an amazing FB group on scrap-booking and other craft-related hobbies. People are very nice and laid-back, tips are useful and, above all, I have the feeling that people are really enjoying what they do and they're are not out there to judge you!

I've been admiring a lot of beautiful creations including explosion boxes (never heard about them before!) which I totally fell in love with.

Yesterday was pretty hot and sticky here (and no A/C) and I needed some sort of distraction to spend the day (no chance to go out with that temperature after 10 AM)...

I decided to make my first explosion box without any expectation... but at the end, after hours of work, I managed to give life to this cute little thing 

I have referred to this tutorial (simple and clear) but scaled down the dimension (hummm, I had paper constraints...  :-D )

I have cut and assembled everything (cake included) by hand, with the exception of the hearts (Sizzix big shot + scribble heart die) and the em…

Soy wax mini candles (Fast protocol­čśë)

Why fast protocol? Because I've melted the soy wax in the microwave, instead of a double boiler, saving a lot of time and electricity. I wrote a post about the use of microwave in candle-making at the beginning of this year HERE, but let me anyway remind you few basic things:
- NO tin containers in the microwave. Go for pyrex or any other microwave-compatible glassware; - 10-20 seconds bursts at full blast will be more than enough to melt a small amount of soy wax;  - If you still have unmelted soy wax flakes DO NOT repeatedly heat the wax, just stir it for a minute: flakes will disappear very easily and you won't risk to overheat the wax and the container; - the microwave trick works well if you're dealing with small batches of wax; - for soy wax is great. I don't use it for melting paraffin because paraffin takes longer to melt I don't want to risk overheating glass container and wax;
These candles are made of soy wax and minuscule pellets of coloured paraffin

Materials …

Star-shaped spectacles card

This is a 'Get well soon' card for someone who underwent eye surgery... I wanted something cheerful and colourful and decided to go for a pair of funny spectacles!!!

I found the template for the star-shaped spectacleson the internet.
I have printed the template in black and white on a 160 gr/m² paper sheet and cut the frame and rods out of the sheet with scissors and a cutter.
I've ink-stamped (in black) tiny stylized blossoms on white areas of the spectacles by using the mini-rubber stamp you see below and I've used a clear holographic powder to emboss. 

For a touch of glamour I've added some yellow rhinestones in the center of the stamped blossoms (rhinestones are part of the prize I got from WhysperFairy Molds blog).

For the 'glasses' of the spectacles: I've dabbed some yellow Versa Color Ink (#11 Canary) on vellum disks and embossed with clear holographic powder.
I've then cut out two holes with the shape of stars on the card base and glued the coloure…

Cutting bay laurel and olive oil soap

You can refer to my previous post (here) if you want to know more about the amazing properties of the bay laurel berry oil and in general on Aleppo soap.
Today's post is about cutting and testing the soap I prepared few weeks ago (here)! 
Let me remind you that I've used an olive oil-rich recipe in which I've also included ~15% of bay laurel berry oil, some coconut and palm oil, as well as a bit of shea butter.

Soap was still slightly soft after 4 days (1 day in the mould + 3 days outside, as a whole bar) but that's pretty normal in soap bars with high olive oil content. Anyway, the smell is incredible, the colour (coming from the bay laurel oil) is delicate and the texture is not bad at all! 

There are at least two more weeks to go before it's fully cured, but I had a leftover from the slicing process that I've tested for you... 

The soap is great: not slimy at all (read my comment about soap bars with high amounts of olive oil here), goodhardness, abundantlather (