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Micas in candles?

A lot of different opinions about that... to cut a long story short I'd say it's worth giving it a try if you do not exaggerate with the amount of mica! Too much mica can clog the wick (either cotton or wood) and won't anyway add more colour to the final products!
For this project I have used soy wax and paraffin and two different kinds of wick (cotton and wood).
To dissolve mica powder I have used some carrier oil (sweet almond oil) and did that before adding micas to the melted wax. I have used only a tiny amount of micas!
For more details on how to make mica-coloured candles please visit my FB page

Grapefruit, lemongrass & mint soap with marigold dried flowers and soap curls.

It has been a while since the last know... work, a bit of health issues and other things kept me pretty occupied in the last weeks!
Today I took a well-deserved day-off from work and I decided to consecrate it to relaxing things!

Today's topics: a bit of melt and pour soap and how to use mica in candles.

This one is my first M&P soap ever: it's again a melt&pour base I got from The Soap Kitcken, all natural, no SDS, no SLES, no Paraben etc.

You can refer to this post for 'soap curls preparation and embedding' Post how-to-do-curls

Xmas Ltd. Edition! Soy wax decorations!

Best from both: blend soy wax and paraffin!

Have you almost run out of any of your wax stock, but you're still keen on preparing some candles?
Mix left overs!
Amber dream (named after the amber fragrance I've used) is made of 50% (w/w) soy wax and 50% (w/w) paraffinand wood wick!

Paper craft tag is hand-made to!