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Choco soap

I haven't been making soap in months!!! I thought I wouldn't remember, but it's like riding a bike: you never forget. 

The initial plan was to test a recipe with 15%cocoabutter, to make an in-the-pot swirl and some piping on the top.

Total oil weight: 800 gr Water as % of oil weight: 28 % Superfat: 7% Water:Lye Ratio 2:1
Fragrance/e.o.: NONE Soaping temperature: Oils @ 62 °C, Lye @ 65 °C Mica: Hot Chocolate (swirl and flowers on the top*)

*the flower plan failed, see below :-/
OIL/FATS Olive Oil (pomace) 25 %
Palm Oil 25 %
Coconut Oil, 76 deg 25 %
Cocoa Butter 15 %
Castor Oil 5 %
Almond Oil, sweet 5 %
Everything went well with the in-the-pot swirl! 
On the other hand, the brown-colored batter I left in the pastry bag has become prettythick and I couldn't pipe the flowers on the top of the soap... when I squeezed the bag the batter clogged the piping tip...
I gave up with the piping and put the soap to rest overnight.
Today, when I took the soap out of the mold, I was very happy because of…