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Four Seasons soap moulds review and test

To cut a long story short, last August I've participated to a design competition for soap moulds organized by the fantastic The Soap Kitchen on-line store and I won (see Facebook and Twitter)!
My designs have been transformed into real moulds after a process including 3D printing of the models, silicon mould creation, resin forma production and final creation of the plastic moulds (production and manufacturing have been done at The Soap Kitchen, THANK YOU Colin and the whole team).
Moulds are made from food grade PETG and each cavity of the set measures approximately 75 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm.
If you need more details on the moulds, including how to use them, you can find them HERE
When I was preparing the sketches for the competition I gave each single mould a name (see picture ⇩), but they are sold as a set under the name of Four Seasons

I have been looking forward to testing this set and here you have some results and comments:
- pretty sturdy plastic (easy to handle) - perfect cavity …

Xmas stamped shaker cards

I have been amazed by a recent video from Jennifer Mcguire on stamped shaker cards (linkat the end of this post for technical details).
I wanted to try something similar myself, but more on the Xmas theme.
My post focuses mainly on the things I've changed, so if you need a step-by-step guide, again, hit the link at the bottom of the page (but please don't skip my post 😊)
I was well aware that I was missing most of the cool items she used for her cards like for example the single stitch frame die, the shimmer pen and the Copic markers but I think I can be pretty happy with the result anyway.

In order to create the frame I have used two dies of the Sizzix Squares Framelits Die Set that I've stuck together with washi tape like this

I've used the square left over as a background for the shaker window.
I've stamped an alphabet with white ink and embossed it with white Jasmine powder 
and glued some sequins and stars!

I've stamped with black pigment ink several Xmas trees o…

Candle making question: at which temperature should you pour wax?

...well, it depends on the wax!

I've been making candles for 3 years now and I have experienced several problems myself before finding the right temperature to end up with flawless nice candles.

If you decide to make candles: take your time, use a thermometer and check the temperature of your melted wax before pouring, always!

It happened to me several times that, because I was in a rush, I poured the wax soon after I have melted it and I ended up with really ugly candles!

If you pour at high temperature you may end up with fragrance loss (evaporation), frosting (this is a frequent problem with soy wax), massive shrinking (not good for container candles), cracking on top. If you pour at a very low temperature you can have jump lines, wax can start to solidify in the container and so on...

Full post on FROSTING HERE.

In my experience, buying certified frosting-resistant soy wax only partially limits the problem...

Two golden rules to avoid frosting:
1) do not overheat the wax
2) pour t…

'Let it snow' paper bands to decorate homemade candles

One more request from a dear friend: candles that she could put on the table as Xmas favours!
In particular, she wanted pillar candles with chunks on the white/turquoise hues. 

She also asked for decorations matching the colours of the candles and having snowflakes. 
It took me a while before deciding what to do (it's much easier to use red, green, silver and gold when it comes down to Xmas things,😂😂😂 ahahaha)... ...and then I thought it would have been fun to use the bubble wrap stamping technique to give the paper a snowy-like background!

For the white bubbles: DovecraftCrystal White ink and Aladinejasmine white embossing powder.
For the light blue bubbles: turquoise ink (from ArtNic,#20) and Artemioclearholographic embossing powder
I've created the snow flakes with a puncher from white Bristol card stock, and decorated the paper band with Diamond Stickles glitters (from Ranger) and white/turquoise/blue sequins.

If you fancy to use this technique for card making, here you have …

Rosemary soap

This is rosemary soap

I had a request from a friend for a very simple soap, with no colourants of any kind and scented with only rosemary essential oil (EO).
I didn't know what to expect from rosemary EO... but I have to admit that after 2 weeks of curing,I'm amazed by the balsamic and warm scent that this soap has! <3
Recipe: Olive oil (pomace) 25% Coconut oil 30% Palm oil (organic) 20%
Canola oil 20% Castor oil 5%
Note that the palm oil I buy from The Soap Kitchen 'carries Organic Certification and comes from Columbia. It is not produced on land that has been taken from the Rain Forests, nor are there any Orangutangs made homeless. Our suppliers do use 'ethical' methods in their production (we have actually visited the site). Our Columbian suppliers are members of the RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Production ofPalmOil).'

Scent:rosemary essential oil from the Soap Kitchen
1 day in the mould + 1 day as whole bar outside the mould before cutting!

First impressions aft…