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Modern art and crazy daisy cards!

I have been amazed by this video on partial die cutting posted by Jennifer McGuire Ink! The first time I gave it a try with something very simple, but this time I decided to put a bit more efforts (and patience) and try something more complex (still very far away from Jennifer’s works though)

The card with brown/golden nuances has been created by using one of the dies from the Scribbles and SplatSizzix set. 

The squares on the front of the card have been cut out from Oxygen Marble Prune paper with a die of the 657565 Framelits Pack.

For the card in green-ish tones I’ve partial die cut the front by using the Enchanting blossom die cut from Sizzix and used some Polka dots scrapbooking tape to decorate the top and bottom of the window.

I’ve then used the left over flowers from die cutting to embellish the upper stripe and some rhinestones for the centre of the flowers.  

Gummy bears candle

Earlier this year I have been the March contest winner on the WhysperFairy Molds blog.
Here you'll find the booty I received from this incredibly talented woman!!!
The first mould I decided to use was the one with the bears and obviously to make a new candle.
My wax's stash is pretty empty these days, and I had to use what's left... for the gummy bears I've used soy wax while for the candle cube I've used bees wax. Nothing to argue about soy wax (as usual), while for bees wax I must admit that the sticky texture, that remains after the candle has set, bothers me a bit...
Anyway, candle looks really cute!
Thanks again WhysperFairy Molds!

Sizzix cutting machine and die cutting for card making

I've tried to resist and not to buy it, I've looked for it among second hand objects, I've also participated for the first time to an ebay auction but, with my greatest disappointment, I lost it...
I'm talking about the Big Shot die cutting machine from Sizzix(R). cut a long story short.... I bought it new (bad bad girl :-) ).... together with some cutting dies.

The spare die in the left bottom corner is the Sizzix thinlitEnchanting blossom

Mini Tiramisu (original Italian recipe)

The secret for a great Tiramisu? I personally believe is in the quality of the ingredients: a good Mascarpone, an Italian coffee blend and possibly home made Savoiardi (ladyfingers) biscuits...
This is how I prepare 4 single portion Tiramisu

Egg yolk                                                       3 XSugar                                                          60 grMascarpone (any other cheese's FORBIDDEN!)                                                                       250 grHome-made Savoiardi (AKA Ladyfinger biscuits)                                                                      32 XCoffee (a great Italian coffee blend)                                                                                          5-6 XSugar to sweeten the coffee                      1 s.s.Rum (or Gin) for the coffee                      2 s.s.Bitter cocoa powder for the top


Prepare the coffee (a Moka machine for 5 to 6 people), pour it in a bowl, add a soup sp…

A friend's blog is talking about RobsCreations! (Interview both in French and English)

I want to publicly thank my friend Diane for having published on her blog a post about RobsCreations!
She interviewed me and asked questions about my blog, how it started and why, where my interest for crafting and hand-made things comes from and can find my all answers (both in French and English) HERE

Laurel berry- and olive oil-based soap

Before I started making CP soap myself, I've bought and tried a handmade Aleppo-like soap from someone else... I've appreciated the mildness of the soap, the benefits exerted on my very dry skin in a short period of time and the intense and amazing smell due to the bay laurel oil. On the other hand, I noticed that the soap slice didn't last long and once wet it became very slimy and soft (this can be due to the extremely high content in olive oil). 

With the hope of fixing these issues while retaining the benefits of the olive and bay laurel oils, I decided to create an original recipe myself.  
A bit of background... 

The original Aleppo soap recipe comes from Syria. Aleppo soap is basically made with olive oil and bay laurel (Laurus nobilis)berry oil (the % of which can range from 5% to 30%). It's a 100% natural soap with no colours or fragrances  added (believe me, bay oil is incredibly scented and dark green-ish so that you don't need to add anything else to the e…