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Second CP soaping experience: half a disaster...?

I made soap with the CP process only once before and it has been beginner's lucka success. OK, first time I used a recipe I found on a book and I made only a few minor changes (like using water instead of beer, and bamboo powder instead of kaolin clay). For my second time, I wanted to use the leftover oils/butter I had at home...I created the recipe myself, but I passed it through a lye calculator (twice), as textbooks require! Here you have my recipe (I'm not violating any copyright, I'd say :-) )
I wanted to add a personal touch to this recipe and I decided to use coffee to color and scent the soap bar. I prepared a medium Moka machine and kept aside the used coffee grounds.

After having mixed the oils and the lye solution, I've hand-whisked the emulsion, split it in two and added coffee (3 espresso shots) to one part and coffee grounds to the other.

I've poured the emulsion after reaching a very light trace and that's the result after 36 hours...

I was initially v…

Bamboo powder scrub

Not much to be said besides what's in the title! 
Bamboo powder to scrub and sweet almond oil to nourish. ENJOY!

Painting with MICAS and PIGMENTS!

Few weeks ago I bumped into this video by chance. I got stricken by the ability of the lady (Christina Griffiths) and by the interesting technique she was using to create some super cute Baby cards. She used water colours to colour some embossed animal figures.
In this other  video, Christina used a gold shimmering mica to water colour her cards and she really did an amazing job! 
I don't have water colours at home, but I have plenty of mica and pigments and I wanted to try them. I went for very simple cards (nothing compared to Christina's) that I've also decorated with cornflower petals and with an embossed sentiment.

Micas are a naturally existing silicates which can occur in scales, sheets or flakes. In the cosmetics field, coloured micas are fine pigment-coated powders that are used to add bright colours and iridescence (shimmer) to many products. 
Besides using micas in soap making, I have used these shiny powders in candles and lip balms, but never ever for painting!


Silicone Molds ♥ ♥ ♥ CONGRATS!!!!! Blog Winner is......

Silicone Molds ♥ ♥ ♥ CONGRATS!!!!! Blog Winner is......: Thank you RobsCreations for your entry!!!! You