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Silly string soap

Last time I wrote about soap making, I’ve talked about ‘water discount’ (See HERE) and how reducing the amount of waterin the lye solution has solved many of the problems I’ve been facing over the last months (soda ashes, softsoapsetc).
This time I’ve used the same water discount as the last time, but I’ve stick-blended the batter a little longer to get something thick enough I could pipe on top of the soap.

Total oil weight: 800 gr
Water as % of oil weight: 28.17% Superfat: 7% Water:Lye Ratio 2:1 Essential oils: myrtle (23 gr), juniper (5 gr) and rosemary (12 gr) Soaping temperature: Oils @ 52 °C, Lye @ 50 °C Micas: Candy Pink and Plum Purple  Activated charcoal
Olive Oil (pomace) 28 %  Coconut Oil 32.5%  Palm Oil 22.5% Shea Butter 10%  Castor Oil 3.7% Sweet almond oil 3.3%