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Winter moisturizing lotion

Winter equals drychappedhands 👐!

I usually have to go for glycerin-rich, highly hydrating commercial creams otherwise there's no chance I can fix my cracked skin.

Besides using my home-made soap, which doesn't contain aggressive ingredients, every night ⭐⭐⭐(well, almost every night 😁) I put on my hands a consistent amount of cream.
This usually works very well, but this year it has been pretty cold and the tap water in my area is particularly hard, so my problems persisted...

I frankly hate to use thick and oily products during daytime (I always stain my clothes!!!), that's how I ended up with idea of making a fresh, light and handbag sized lotion.

The original lotion recipe is from The Soap Kitchen but I've personalized it with some of my favourite essential oils.
Sweet Almond Oil: 24g Coconut Oil: 16gGlycerine: 2gStearic Acid: 5g Citric Acid: 0.5g Emulsifying Wax: 10g Cetearyl Alcohol: 5g Sterilewateror (as in my case) deminerilized and boiled water: 150gPreservative (Ge…