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You can almost always fix a problem when it comes to candles!

A while ago I made two soy wax candles scented with an amazing orchid fragrance! (I'll publish a post about that in the near future) I wanted to try two different combinations of wood wicks: for one candle I've used a single wood wick and for the sister one I've used a double wood wick. I gave away the one with the double wick and the person who got it told me that it burnt very well. On the other hand, the one with a single wick (that I kept for me) struggles to stay lit (the 'double-the wood wick-if you use soy wax' rule is apparently always valid!)... For this reason I decided to recycle it and to make two new beautiful candles out of it! I melted the original candle and passed the melted wax through a tea filter (to get rid of the wick, wick holder and impurities) before pouring it into new glass containers! Since I like to make experiments, I decided to use a double wood wick with half of the original width and added some wax crayons curls (I grated them) on top.

Blue soap (how to do curls!)

There's nothing particularly special behind the making of a soap starting from a M&P base, but there is definitively a lot of fun! I won't give you too many technical details about how to melt, colour and pour M&P soap bases (but if you'll ask you'll certainly have an answer  ;-) ), but I'd rather share tips on how to prepare nice SOAP CURLS you can use to decorate your creation! For this soap I've prepared two different kind of curls. For both kinds, I've initially melted, coloured and poured two small blocks of about 5x5x2 HxLxW cm. For the big light purple curls I've used a potato peeler on the thinner edge of the soap block. Once you have peeled-off a ribbon of soap, you have to roll it with your fingers to make it became a perfect curl! I've then laid down the curls in the bottom of the mould before pouring the first transparent soap layer.
For the small curls I've simply used an old (crafting-dedicated!) grater and grated the blue and w…

New stocks!

New stocks for my lavender sachets straightaway from the south of France! Essential oils are lavender (easy guess!) and mandarin. 

Lip balm at the sea!

With the restriction of not keeping it under the direct sun light, I can tell you that my lip balm stays solid enough so that you can use it at the beach either!

Relaxation Kit

Gel with cinnamon sticks (lower part) + soy wax scented with green tea fragrance (upper part). 
Handmade lavender sachet (no sewing involved!)

One more way to combine soy wax and gel!

The followings are all two-layered candles with the bottom layer made of gel and the upper part made of soy wax.
Why combining the two of them? Because gelis transparent and allows you to embed objectsand soy wax  has an incredible scentthrow and a long burning time!

Few simple rules for embedding objects: ideally they should be non flammable (like glass animals, shells or stones)!
...but if you do not exaggerate with the amount, you also can potentially use cinnamon sticks, dried flowers etc...

To be on the safe side: if you use flammable objects I'd anyway suggest you to pour the thinnest layer of gel as possible (just to cover the embeds) and avoid burning this layer.

And remember: never ever leave lit candles unattended!

Let yourself be inspired and give it a try!

Cold process soap makers: any nice recipe book you can suggest?

Hello, I'm talking to all of you out there! 
I'd like to start making soap with the Cold Process (CP) in the near future, but I'd really like to have a recipes book I can refer to! 
Please leave a comment/suggestion here or on my FB page, I'd be really grateful for any help you can provide!

Cremino candles: the first approach to a wood wick...

Ok, let me be 100% honest: when I saw the wood wicks for the first time I literally fell in love with them! I absolutely wanted to try them, so I placed an order at Mondo bougies and decided to start a pretty challenging project without having looked for any information about wood wicks first!
This time I got inspired from an Italian chocolate called Cremino! For this reason I've also bought from my beloved supplier a CHOCO-PRALINÉ fragrance. 
If you want to try and make the Cremino candles you'll get the recipe with all the technical details by following this link to my FB page.
It would have been a perfect piece of work if I didn't have troubles in keeping the candles lit!!!!
I tried many things to sort the problem out..and to cut a long story short let me tell you that you should ALWAYS DOUBLE THE WICK WHEN USING 100% SOY WAX!
They do look incredibly real, don't they???

My brand new batch of lip balms!

I already had many new things to try, for this reason I decided to stick to the same basic recipe I've been using before (beeswax, shea butter, avocado oil and sweet almond oil). I bought lip safe micas, fragrance oils, white chapstick tubes and shrink wraps for the tubes. I've matched Hot Chocolate Mica Powder with Chocolate orange Truffles Flavor Oil, and Sangria Mica with Strawberry Flavor Oil (for materials please see my FB page). I've also prepared couple of plain ones (no mica, no fragrance). Being the first time that I used micas I didn't want to exaggerate and I ended up with pretty mild colours. Also the presence of avocado oil (which is greenish) affected the final result, but I liked it anyway. I printed out labels and eventually sealed the lip balms with my wonderful shrink wraps (for a quick video on the wraps see my FB page)!!!

Green Chickpea Salad (Foto e fornelli)

A nice recipe from Foto e Fornelli 

I tried it with a small variant: feta cheese dices instead of grated zucchini....EXCELLENT!

Beeswax: a new experience!

I still have to figure out how to use it, but it has been a very appreciated gift from a neophyte beekeeper friend!
I need to do some research before starting any project: it's a way too precious wax to be used without a bit of "bibliography" ! hihihihihih!

Another interesting website!

A fresh beer for the summer time (soy wax and gel)!

As promised, here you have the first of a series of candles made by using different kind of waxes at the same time!
As I told you many many times, despite I'm not crazy about gel, I like to use it for more complex projects.
This is a candle I prepared for a friend. It is made of gel and whipped soy wax.
I've used gel because it is pretty transparent like a blonde beer and because, if poured quickly, it makes a lot of bubbles that add a touch of realism to the candle. In addition, in this work I tried something that it is usually not recommended: using a solid dye for colouring the gel. In theory every website specialized in candle making (either a blog of a passionate craftsman or a selling company) would strongly advise you to use liquid dyes with gel... I'm a bit stubborn and I decided to give it a try with microscopic flakes of a yellow wax crayon and I ended up being very satisfied with the result!
For the foam effect I've just whipped plain soy wax (I've already e…

Gel candles with glass embeds

As I wrote in one of my introductory posts, I'm not a big fan of gel wax for candle making but for some projects I think it's really of great help.
Gel wax is actually not a real wax, it's mineral oil-based.

Pros and Cons (my personal opinion):
- Easy to work with (even if it takes forever to melt it by using a double boiler),
- Easy to remove when polymerized,
- You can embed glass objects, glitter, stones and sea shells for a wonderful visual effect;

- I don't like the smell of the mineral oil
- I don't like the way it burns

In this post I'll show you 100% gel wax-made candles, but in following posts I'll show you how to use gel wax in combination with other (real) waxes for very special projects!

Dessert and bubble gum soy wax container candles

Some more candles I made with the whipping technique!
You can decorate the candle's top with glitters and cake sprinkles and the container with dried flowers, ribbons and iron-on stones!

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots!

OMG OMG it's soooo hot this week

Vitamin face mist from Yves Rocher: amazing for these incredibly hot days!  I'm actually spraying it all over the body to have a refreshing and delicately scented mist as an alternative to simple water.