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Another multi-layered square card (details)

I started experimenting with different layers and materials, lately (see also HERE). For this card, I've used card stock, craft paper, sewing threads, glitters, flower brads split pins (corners of the stamped tag) and many other things.
I like the look of more complex cards! Close up view of the heart balloons
I've glued each and any of the tartan letters you see in the background
I colored the girl stamp with the TouchFive alcohol markers (see also HERE)

Multi-layered square card with a Touch Only-colored Stamp

The first squarecard I made in awhile. The first with an alcohol marker-colored stamp ever (HERE, you can find a review of the cheap alcohol markers I recently got, and a table with codes and names).
These are the codesof the Touch Only markers I used in this card:
- Skin: 135/107/97 + 24 (cheeks)
- Pants: 144/183/76 + 76/69 (stitching)
- Shirt: 84/89/4
- Hair and belt: 97/94/91

I usually tend to make pretty simple cards, but last week I got carriedaway with details :-)

Close ups: I created one of the layers by stamping different sentiments on a piece of white card stock (if you are interested in this technique read HERE).  
(I took this picture when I was still playing around with the card to understand how I wanted to position the paper scraps) I made the flowers with craftpunches and paperleft overs  I don't know why, but I had the feeling that the black 'I Love You more & more' stamp was in stark contrast with the white background, so I superimposed a piece of vellum on which…

Review of Touch Only alcohol-based markers

Guys, the price of alcohol-based markersis insane !!!! I have thought to go for a small set, but apparently, it doesn't make much sense to buy alcohol-based markers if you don't have at least 2 or 3 tones of each color... 😠 I'm not a professional card maker, so I decided to look for cheap alternatives to known brands like Copic, Prisma Color, Spectrum Noir etc. Here is my bargain: 80Touch Only markers (not to be confused with the Touch Twin) - Animation set+ a white gel pen + the bag they come in with + shipping fees = less than 33 Euros!!!
They are comfortable to hold, with a fine point and a broad one. A gray ring helps you locate the fine tip side when the caps are on. 
On the other hand, some of the codes/names on the caps were partially erased and the color tone of the capdoesn't always perfectly match the color of the marker.
To overcome this, I made a table on a printing paper sheet with all the colors and the corresponding codes and names: MUCH EASIER to spot the c…

How to create colorful card backgrounds, quickly!

Today I want to show you some cards I've recently created by using watercolors.
The coolthing here is that by using ZIG watercolorsand an acrylic block, I created colorful backgrounds in just few minutes!
How does it work?  👉First, get a thick drawing paper suitable for water colors (I've used 100% cotton-made paper). 👉Second, scribble the colors of your choice on the acrylic block. 👉Third, spray water, abundantly, on the acrylic block. 👉Fourth, with a steady movement place the block (face down) on the cotton paper. 👉Fifth, put a small weight on the block and leave it there for a minute (or longer if you're using thinner paper)
What I've noticed is that if you press the block firmly (almost squashing it), you obtain a continuouslayer with no white spaces.
...but, if you just place the block on the paper you get something more discontinuous, like a marbled design.
I really liked both versions!
Here you have a VIDEO showing the technique (N.B. the paper I used in this video is…