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Review of the Aroma Zone soap making workshop

I recently went to a soap making workshop organized by the French company Aroma-Zone (AZ) and this blog post is a review of the workshop. 

Here you have the full description (in French) of this 1 hour and a half class: 
Cet atelier a pour objectif de vous enseigner la technique de la saponification à froid en réalisant une recette de savon surgras. Vous pourrez ainsi repartir avec votre réalisation et tout le savoir-faire Aroma-Zone !  Vous apprendrez à maîtriser les points importants de la réalisation d'un savon saponifié à froid, les diverses astuces de fabrication, la maîtrise des ingrédients, leur mise en oeuvre, leurs bienfaits sur la peau.
BRIEFLY, the class should teach you the basics of cold process soaping (soaping tips, management of the critical steps of soap making, control of ingredients and their features), you should make a soap and bring it home. Everything in 1 hour and a half 😮 !!!

I'll review the workshop by assigning a number between 0 and 5, with 5 being full satisfaction, to the following categories + comments :-)

Cost: 4. Twenty-nine € is a fair price if you consider that, besides the workshop itself, you get back home with a bar of soap, a silicon mould and a nice tin box.

Location: 5. A whole floor of a very nice cafeteria, which by the way was just few blocks away from my place 😂

Organization: 5. Space was very well organized. Working stations had everything arranged beforehand (see picture). Goggles, lab coats and thick rubber gloves were available for all the participants.

Soap recipe and products quality: 5. Nice and easy recipe. Great products. Looking forward to using the bar!

Hygiene and safety regulations: 3. Too Very quick presentation. Instructors were more concerned about making people sign a waver of responsibility for the practical experience rather than insisting on how dangerous a lye solution can be, how to neutralize lye in case of a spill etc (during the soap making one instructor took gloves off and touched lye-containing beakers with bare hands  😖😡)

Description of the ingredients used in the workshop: 3. Again...very quick....

Description of cold process (CP) + tips: 2. The instructor just read the steps we were going to follow during the practical experience. Her idea of explaining how CP soap making works has been saying: "lye reacts with fats and gives soap and glycerin"

Practical experience: 4. 👏

Instructors/trainers: 1. they realized, just few moments before starting the practical part of the workshop, that they have given us a wrong recipe (inverted amounts of water and soda 😦)... Pretty vague answers to technical questions. They lied to my face on a fragrance I bought after the workshop (I asked, before buying it, if it was OK for CP, the instructor said yes, but once at home, I read on their website that this fragrance is not great for CP)

On site shop: 4. quite a lot of products. 10% of reduction on all items. Incredibly slow cashier....😴

On average 3.6
One hour and half on fun for neophytes, but definitely not worth for experienced soap makers (I mean whoever has made soap at least a couple of times!!!)  

1) soap stamps
2) Lavender essential oil
3) Crunchy peach fragrance
4) Silicon spatula

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