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Fire vibe soap: recipe, tricks and links to technical videos

I have mixed two techniques in order to obtain different patterns, one on the inside of the soap bar and one on the top.

Here you have the links to the original videos showing the techniques:

Since I run out of castor oil, I had to modify the recipe shown in video 1) as follows  ­čśů

Recipe (slow moving trace):
Olive oil (pomace) 70%
Coconut oil 22.25%
Palm oil (organic) 7.75%

Note that the palm oil I buy from The Soap Kitchen 
'carries Organic Certification and comes from Columbia. It is not produced on land that has been taken from the Rain Forests, nor are there any Orangutangs made homeless. Our suppliers do use 'ethical' methods in their production (we have actually visited the site). Our Columbian suppliers are members of the RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Production of PalmOil).'

Scent: Orange EO (10X) from The Soap Kitchen 

⚠⚠⚠  Use only glass jars/containers to prepare and blend essential oils! (I felt like I had to remember this to myself, rather than others). Plastic glasses melt in the presence of undiluted EO!!!

Colours: titanium dioxide, Hot Chocolate and Sangria micas (from Youwish). Less than a teaspoon of powder for each colour. 

On the other hand, small plastic glasses come in handy to pre-disperse micas and colorants in oils.

Don't be shy when stick blending a slow moving trace! It took me around 10 minutes of quick bursts to get a decent trace :-)

Un-moulding and cutting: 1 day in the mould + 3 days as whole bar outside the mould before cutting!