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Baby girl explosion box/mini album: details...

It's my second explosion box and it's for a friend who recently gave birth to a beautiful girl !

Box: 8 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm  
Lid8.5 cm x 8.5 cm x 2 cm 

Top view
Double butterfly was created with a Xcut 3D butterfly die. 
Decorations are from a pack containing baby design paper, buttons & other embellishments.
Safety pins were left over decorations from I don't remember where :-) 

Box has 3 concentric layers, a baby shoe in the center and a flag banner. Everything, but the square decoration paper, has been hand-cut!!!

Let's take a closer look at each layer!

Layer 1
Two spots for pictures and two spots for baby weight and length.
Tags: I've die cut the squares, rounded the border with a punch, printed with an ink-jet printer the the written part and the small butterfly and dabbed the edges with VersaColor ink pads.

Layer 2
2x spots for name and birth date.
Tags: same as before without the corner punching step :-)

 Layer 3

For the little shoe I've used a paper pattern, some twine and... a lot of patience aahhahahha

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