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Mother's day card making (vellum overlay card)

I have been watching video tutorials about card making for weeks now.  In particular, I've been following a couple of Youtube channels (Christina Griffiths Card making magic and Jennifer McGuire Ink) that really inspired me so that I decided to give it a try myself.
To be honest, I've always tried to make gift tags or Xmas cards myself whenever it has been possible, but I have to admit that I've been always making very simple things by using whatever I had at home... This time I invested some money (not much to be honest) and decided to go for craft shopping (embossing powders, stamps, heat gun, some paper sheets, tapes etc).
I've watched (10 many times) and already shared on my FB page an amazing video about how to make vellum overlay cards. Vellum it's a very interesting material and that's the reason why I chose to use it in my first card.
That's my attempt to create a 'Mother's day card' 

Below you'll find more details about the card making process itself.

  • Vellum sheet 90/95 gr
  • White A4 smooth Iris Vivaldi paper sheet 240 gr
  • Red A4 smooth Iris Vivaldi paper sheet 240 gr
  • Artemio frame puncher (tiny flowers)
  • Holographic embossing powder
  • Top Boss transparent embossing pad
  • Poppy red Versacraft mini ink pad 
  • Double sided tape
  • Artemio mounting tape 
  • Heart tree rubber stamp
  • Silver embossing powder and a Woodware clear magic stamp 

Here is what I've done: 
1) I've cut 2x white and 1x red sheets of Iris Vivaldi paper of exactly the same size. 
2) I've cut 1x small red rectangle and 1x small white square out of Vivaldi paper. The white square was big enough to fit the heart tree I wanted to stamp.

3) I've stamped the tree in this wonderful poppy red colour, sprinkled the holographic embossing powder on top of it, removed (and recycled) the excess of powder and heat embossed it. 

Before heat-embossing

 4) I've made an L-shaped frame of tiny flowers and leaves with the Artemio puncher on the front white sheet, and glued (I've been actually using adhesive tape) the red sheet on the back to give the flowers and leaves a red colour.

5) I've glued the red rectangle in the centre of the card and stuck a couple of pieces of mounting tape on it to give the following element (the white stamped square) a bit of dimensionality.

 6) For the vellum cover, I've cut a piece as large as the card but at least twice the height of the card (so that I could fold it over)
7) On the front part of the vellum cover, I've stamped with transparent ink and embossed with the holographic powder the same picture as the one that is inside the card (trying to place it exactly on top of the red tree) 

Not sure it's easy to spot the external  tree...
8) I've used PPT to create and nicely frame the words 'Happy Mother's day' that I've then printed on a normal A4 white sheet. To give the words dimensionality I've again used the mounting tape. To avoid that the light paper sheet would fold over the mounting tape, I've glued each part of this sentiment on a piece of white 240 gr Vivaldi paper.
9) I've then glued the card inside the vellum cover and the remaining white Iris Vivaldi white sheet on the external back part of the vellum.

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