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Cold process (CP) soap making: shall I begin?

I have been preparing soap only with the Melt&Pour method so far (see the following post for more details) but I always wanted to try the grand-mother-way of making soap (Cold Process or CP)  too.  I allowed myself to take some extra time and to organize things properly before starting. 
Ahead of my first CP soap making session I have tried to gather as many info as I could, I bought a small booklet with recipes, the safety equipment and working materials.
For details on LYE safety and safety equipment please refer to this amazing and detailed post from Soap Queen TV bog (The original blog of Brambleberry (R) ).

Recipe book... I bought this one from for less than 9 Euros.
It's a handy and nice booklet with suggestions, tips and 11 recipes. Only a small negative thing: it suggests to exchange opinions, experiences and recipes on a blog that actually doesn't exist... in their defence I have to say that the forum is probably a third party blog...?

My tools:
PP measuring cup, PP mixing bowl, Pyrex measuring jug, silicon spatula, silicon balloon whisk, digital scale (metric system), thermometer and rubber gloves.

In the following post you'll find the actual description of my FIRST CP soap making session EVER!

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