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Scent and protect your closet and drawers naturally!

Now it' s the right moment! 
- I've collected all my closet/drawer now-not-so-much scented sachets

- I've emptied them (this time I haven't recycled the lavender floral buds because they were pretty old and I've already re-used them many many times), and cleaned the sachets from impurities, debris etc.

- I've removed dry debris from the new lavendin floral buds (I always have the feeling that they can give you some crazy sneezing if inhaled!!!) with a plastic mesh and put lavendin flower buds in a plastic container

Lavendin is a hybrid between true lavender and spike lavender and you can find a nice description about it's properties here

- I've added 8-10 drops of organic lavender essential oil, sealed the container, shook it vigorously and repeated the operation three times. 

To maximize the absorption of the essential oil on the floral buds, I left the containers tightly closed for an over night
Today I've filled the sachets and put them back in the closets/drawers: it smells soooo good!

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