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Are your fabrics made of cotton? Burn test will tell you!

After laundry, vacuum cleaning, a bit of clothes folding and my Nespresso machine descaling (uff I'm tired!), I decided to test whether two pieces of fabric I bought 10 days ago (or maybe more, time flies!) are 100% cotton...

How so? Let me start from the beginning... few weeks ago I decided to start a pretty nice (but likely highly unsuccessful at least for me) project: making rice heating pads without a sewing machine !
You can use heating pads to warm up your feet, hands, and bed linen too! You can warm them up in the oven or in the microwave....with a caveat: they have to be made of cotton or any other natural fiber that doesn't burn as soon as you put it into the oven/microwave !!!
Heating pads are very useful for winter time and I'd like to make some for two people I love.

As first thing I went to a haberdashery and bought two colourful fabric stripes! I washed them and then, only then, asked myself whether they were made of cotton....

I looked on the internet and found that the easiest way to do understand that is to proceed with the burning test!

Take a candle or a lighter, forceps to hold the fabric swatch, and do it in the safest way as possible! Don't use plastic containers, keep salt at your fingertips just in case...

Put the fabric swatch close (not onto) the flame and observe... if it's cotton it doesn't shrink away from the flame, it will glow while burning, it will release a light grey smoke, ash will be fluffy and easy to disintegrate!

For more info about other fabrics please refer to this amazing video


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Card making and papercraft magazines

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Papercraft Inspiration December issue had a Christmas window build-a-scene embossingfolder and stamp free gift, as well as free festive papers. Make Christmas cards was offering: 2 embossing folder borders, 13 stylish stamps, 32 Christmas papers, 12 découpagesheets, 117 toppers & motifs and 73 festive greetings.
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This is not a comprehensive guide and does not pretend to be a candle-making course.

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