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Hand and foot lotion (for spring/summer time)

I wanted something natural, easily spreadable and not too thick or greasy.

This lotion does not contain preservatives or emulsifiers (usually needed when you mix water and oils)!
It's only made of sterile water, beeswax, sweet almond oil (that penetrates skin in few minutes) and vegetable glycerine. 
I didn't use a stick blender, but I've hand-whipped it.
Being all natural, water-based and without preservatives it would be advisable to keep it in the fridge especially during very hot months and to use it as fast as you can (in few weeks or so).
If you use less than 40% of water, the emulsion shouldn't separate, but in case some water comes off you can drain it off and normally use the cream.
This lotion is moisturizing and soothing thanks to the sweet almond oil!
Healing and calming for my incredibly dry skin! 

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